Saturday, March 16, 2013

To Blog or not to Blog...

OK. So after procrastinating for, well, the better part of an unspecified number of years... I now have a blog, and it recently hit me, that after creating a blog, one has to also write a blog. Revelatory moment. You should have been there.

See, the problem is, I usually am unusually brilliant when I am far from the PC (Personal Computer. Not to be confused with Politically Correct. I endeavour at all times to avoid this horrendously boring and faux state). Like when I am cleaning stalls I think deep and profound thoughts that I know in my heart would enlighten the world endlessly. When I am astride one of my beloved horses, I compose poetry that would melt stone and songs that would heal a deaf man's ears. As I fill water buckets or groom horses or scratch a fuzzy ear I think up ingenious topics for essays that would positively change the inner life of the reader. And in my sleep I tame polar bears but I cannot remember how in the morning.

All in all, by the time I get to my PC, it all has vanished like dew before the morning sun. Nonetheless, bold adventurer that I am, I shall persevere and go forth and be brave and write a blog. God Help Us All. (But especially me.)

So this is my very first blog. Blogging is to be an exercise in concise and ..what's the opposite of verbose? Sparse?...language, not my forte. After all, as a friend of mine once said, somewhat unkindly, in fact, rather irritably: "My God, Susannah, you can turn a sentence into a paragraph!" Well, yes. But wasn't it pretty? So - blogging. A worthy exercise undoubtedly.

What shall I blog about? Anything that pops into my head, I guess, which on any given day may be any and all things nature, the pitfalls and hardships of getting up extra early to practice photography, (so I might share a pic), elephants, poaching, horses, lions, penguins, blood ivory, horseback safaris, The Katika Nuru Project, the wonders of inter species relations and the possibilty of an alien invasion. So yeah -  anything.

But I promise to keep it pithy and to the point and oh here I go again. Short. It will be short. Because life is too short to write long blogs. That is what books are for. And since I just wrote one of those and it needs editing, I better get on with it.

In the meantime - Blog on, people, blog on!


  1. HA! First common tater!! Excellent blog, my dahhlingggg er uh...Duchess. BTW PC = personal confuser. Love the blog! Did I say that already?!?!?

    1. Aww, PK, reading that, anyone would think we're friends! Sure you want that? :-)Thanks, friend. I'll be your PC anytime.